On park

On April 15th/16th/17th, Artiestenplein organizes a Party Weekend on Resort Limburg, in Susteren. A complete weekend filled with conviviality, with top artists such as Peter Beense, John West, Mike Peterson, Martin van Doorn, John de Bever, Rik Hoogland, Lorenzo, Pierre Schneider, Enrico Moes, Roy Benjamin, Willem Huisman, and many others. On Saturday afternoon, there is a bingo for all the women. For the men, there is a lot to do as well: fishing, playing billiards, and hanging at the bar of the café. For the children we have an animation team, that is on the park during the entire weekend. Also, there is a petting zoo, an outdoor swimming pool, and an indoor playing paradise. There is something for everyone.

More information: www.artiestenplein.nl