Circus director Alberto Fiasco lost his circus tent after a powerful storm. Since then, he is committed to continue the circus tradition of his family, without a tent.

Together with two of his sons and a shaky décor they scour the land with their variety show Circo Fiasco.

But today the proud Alberto collapses under the weight of all the worries and he is too late for the show. Two sons try to save the situation. The spectators find out quickly that the problems of the track and behind the scenes are piling up. They even have to step in to help.

You will see son Valentino with his heart-warming one-man band on a barrel organ bike. Silly antics and balance skills of his brother. Chatter and illusionist Alberto, who just came in time to put a limp rope to his feet and, once more, to climb up. And do not forget: the audience, who are playing the second leading role.

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7.00 PM: Welcome
Beau & Bloem welcome everyone that's coming to the show!

7.30 PM: Beau & Flower theater
Your children have probably already met these joyful friends. They haven't? This is a great time! Beau & Bloem take your children on the nicest, funniest and most exciting adventures between 7.30 PM and 8.00 PM! They will come home with the best stories!

8:00 PM: Main act

9:00 PM: Chill out night
Just chilling with the youth at the park. We listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and drink something together. Are you coming too?

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