Weekend revolving around photography. With possibilities of workshops, famous brands will be invited to show the newest models of cameras and possibly instructions on using them. A photo contest will be linked to this.

Who takes the most beautiful picture?

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Do not forget your camera!

Take your photo camera with you on vacation, because there is a photo contest as well! What this entails, is still a surprise. Anyone willing to join will hear the theme and rules at the start of the weekend. This way, everyone's chances are equal! Do you take the most beautiful picture?

Of course, we also offer the opportunity for a photo shoot with the entire family. This way, you can capture your vacation at Resort Limburg in a unique for the future.

On park
Beauty and flowers

Beau and Bloem welcome you with great pleasure!

Beau and Bloem are present throughout the weekend and will do fun activities with the children in the photography theme. They will, among other things, look at the mechanism of taking a picture. How did this occur in the past? What is a photographic film actually? Maybe Beau will grab his own old photo camera from his tree house!

Will you join?

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