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Weekend revolving around fairy tales, princes and princesses. During the weekend there will be a carriage with horses on site for photo opportunities and a tour through the surroundings.

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Beau and Bloem are present throughout the weekend and take care of children's entertainment in the Knights and Princesses theme. This way nobody will be bored!

For the dress up moment it would be nice if you could bring your prince, princess or knight costumes Don't have a costume? You can also buy clothes from us at the park!

If you stay at the resort, you may freely participate in all Knights and Princesses activities (excl the castle dinner)! So do not hesitate and order during the Knights and Princesses weekend on June 9, 10 and 11!

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On Friday, of course, there is the Meet and Greet with Beau and Bloem. Like this you know exactly with whom you going to do all the fun stuff this weekend!
We are also going to build a castle with wooden beams. Beau and Bloem find this very exciting as well, so they have requested assistance from the scouts. They know all about building with wooden beams and they will gladly teach you!
At night, there is the theater in the castle.


On Saturday we organize a parade with carriages and beautiful horses! Come along to take beautiful pictures and you might even get to ride a little in a carriage!
Princes and princesses are always tidy. How to behave like a real prince or princess? Beau and Bloem teach you real noble manners!
In the evening there is a castle dinnerin the restaurant, with delicious dishes that would not look out of place on the table of the Royal Family! Enjoy your meal!
Will you also go to the Great Princes and Princesses Show? You will experience this exciting story as if you were there in person!


On the last day of the Knights and Princesses weekend, the carriage driving association will give a demonstration. Carriage driving is riding with horses in front of a carriage, cart or wagon. That can be very quiet but also very spectacular! This is not to be missed!
At the end of the day there is a large dress up moment for the entire family! Dress up as beautifully as possible and take pictures with each other. Again, you can share these photos with us on Facebook!