Burg golf course Purmerend

Burg-golf club Purmerend disposes of a 36-holes championship course and a 9-holes par-3 course. The holes have been spaciously put up and they provide beginners as well as more experienced players with a challenging round.

The Zaanse Golf Club

Somewhat hidden in a magnificent area of scenic beauty with age-old grand polders all around, a challenging 18-holes golf course is situated.

Escape Room Best Escape Purmerend

Take the challenge and improvise to find your way, together with your team, through the escape rooms. Will you make it in 60 minutes? Choose the Bank Heist or Romanov's Bunker (both available in Dutch and English). See the website for more information:

EYE Amsterdam & A'dam Lookout

If you're a film enthusiast, don't forget to pay a visit to "Eye Amsterdam". Here, you'll find four cinema rooms, a large hall for changing exhibitions, the Eye shop, a bistro and the permanent exhibition in the Panorama. Adjacent to the EYE you'll find the A'DAM LOOKOUT. It's an observation deck featuring an unrivaled panoramic view of Amsterdam. You'll be able to see the historic center of the city, the dynamic port, the unique polder landscape, and you can spot the famous canals. Are you brave enough to take a seat on Europe's highest swings?

Fort "Spijkerboor"

The fortress at Spijkerboor is the largest fortress in the scaffolding of the city of Amsterdam. Being a part of the scaffolding of Amsterdam, the fortress at Spijkerboor is a world wide recognized culture monument. For this reason it has been placed on the UNESCO- list of world inheritances in 1996.

The Beemster golf links

The Beemster golf-links have a 9 holes course, training-greens, a driving-range, locker-space, a clubhouse/restaurant, a hotel, a golf-shop and a golf-school at their disposal . Both members and non-members are welcome here.

The golf-links of Spaarnwoude

With 66 holes, divided into seven courses, the golf-inks of Spaarnwoude are the largest golf-links in Europe. As the golf-links of Spaarnwoude are public links (which means that they are accessible for everybody), everyone can take advantage of the huge surface area to play golf.

The Heemskerk golf club

The Heemskerk golf club disposes of an 18- holes championship course as well as a new PAR 3-CORNER, where you can play golf without GVB.

Het Paard van Marken

Rent a bike with us at the resort and go on a nice trip, for instance to the peninsula of "Marken". Here, you can go on a wonderful bicycle tour over the long dike along the harbor, all the way to "Het Paard van Marken", the island's characteristic lighthouse.

Hollow Plump Tree

The "Hollow Plump Tree " in the town of Tuitjenhorn is providing 1100 square meters of indoor thematized playing pleasure for the benefit of kids in the age of zero up to and including eleven years old. In the "Hollow Plump Tree", the giant tree is immediately drawing attention and invites the kids to climb upwards into its branches. From the kitchen garden the parents can keep an eye on their kids while they're enjoying a bite and/or a drink.

Fun Forest Amsterdam Forest

Come climb and clamber safely at the Amsterdam forest at Fun Forest, lots of fun for all ages.

Marken Museum

Among other things, Marken offers the "Marken Museum", where you'll learn all about Marken's history, traditional dress, the textiles its people used and continue to use, as well as its fishing.

NEMO Amsterdam

Science Center NEMO takes you into the world of those everyday things that still are very special. Every visitor, young or old, can experience scientific knowledge here. For example, discover how bridges work, why you sometimes see things that aren't there and how lightning is created by getting started with the interactive exhibits. Workshops, films and demonstrations complete your NEMO day. A crackling sweater or a rainbow: After a visit to NEMO, you will look at the world through new eyes. Photo: Digidaan

Playground the "Batavier"

For young and old there is a lot to experience in the vicinity of villa park "De Rijp". Between the towns of Alkmaar and Bergen playground "the Batavier" is situated. Here it seems that the time has been standing still for a while. In the middle between the trees you're gliding down from a real old fashioned high gliding chute and all of you are sitting together on the family swing. The "Batavier" is offering a lot of fun and adventure to young and old.

Playground Monnickendam

From the 1st of April until the end of October you can access the outdoor playground in Monnickendam. A beautiful place where children can play and the parents can relax on the terrace. This playground is 10 minutes away from the resort (by car). There is also a challenging mini golf course for older children.

Wooden Shoe Factory

When you are on Marken, don't forget to pay a visit to the "Wooden Shoe Factory". Here, you'll hear about how clogs are made, and you'll get a demonstration as well.

Around the park

Be surprised by the versatile surroundings of Resort Poort van Amsterdam. The central location ensures that you will not have to be bored for a second!
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