Around park: 13km

You'll find lots of different animals it this city zoo. You can look at the animals both indoors and outdoors.

Nature, culture, and heritage come together in ARTIS. Every tree, every animal, every building, every microbe, every planet tells its own story. The stories of ARTIS have existed since 1838, and new ones are born every day.

Experience it for yourself. Be surprised by the many animal species that live together in the Monkey House and Bird House. Discover the smallest organisms in ARTIS Micropia, the only microbe museum in the world. Travel through space in the ARTIS Planetarium. Watch the giraffes along with the zebras, ostriches and springboks on the Savannah. Surround yourself by hundreds of fluttering butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion. Admire the tropical fish in the monumental Aquarium. Stroll through the historic city park with its ancient trees and its many plants. Taste the atmosphere in café-restaurant De Plantage. Or take a seat the fountain on the Artis Plaza.

Experience nature and discover what it means for our society. More awareness of nature leads to more respect for everything that lives. The story of ARTIS is a story about ourselves.