Above all Alkmaar is the cheese-town of Holland. During the season (from the first Friday in April up to and including the first Friday in September) a traditional cheese market is being held here on Friday morning from 10.00 o'clock till 12.30 o'clock . The cheeses are being sold by the merchants by means of clapping hands. Next the 400 years old cheese-bearers gild is coming into action to remove the cheese(s) with berries, after the lot (quantity) has been weighed in the "Waag".

(The city of) Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has many faces. Everybody knows the The city of Amsterdam has many faces. Everybody knows the 165 romantic canals including its 1281 bridges, the more than 600.000 bicycles , the roaring nightlife and the abundant flowers market. But apart from that the city is offering a lot of other sights, excellent shopping possibilities and different exhibitions in 50 museums. Every day you can make a choice out of numerous concerts and theatre performances. Amsterdam has got it all!


Marken is a former island in the Gouwzee, now a peninsula in the Markermeer because of the dike that was built in 1957 on the mainland. This has been a tourist attraction for decades, also due to the traditional costumes and the characteristic wooden houses on stilts and the so called yards on which the people live. These yards are artificially elevated.


This city is a stones throw away from our resort. Here you can visit the St Nicolas church or the ''Speeltoren'', which is now part of the Waterland museum. Furthermore, the city has a small shopping center.


Purmerend is a city in the municipality of Waterland and is close to the Beemster and Landsmeer. This city has a lovely mall and an indoor shopping center. This city has two museums.


Volendam, the beautiful fishing village at the Ijsselmeer, with its traditional costumes and dresses, as well as music and fish. Little houses in the labyrinth behind the harbor, souvenir shops, which are open seven days a week. Restaurants with a typical Volendam atmosphere, where an important part of the menu consists of fish. Coming right out of the water fresh into your tray.


Zaandam is a city located north of Amsterdam. Here you will also find the famous outdoor attraction ''Zaanse Schans''. Furthermore, the renewed mall also offers enough shopping fun and you can visit one of the three museums.

Around the park

Be surprised by the versatile surroundings of Resort Poort van Amsterdam. The central location ensures that you will not have to be bored for a second!
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