Welcome to EuroParcs Resort Poort van Zeeland

Plenty of holiday fun on the islands of South Holland

Where to find a resort with a 2,000 square meter indoor and outdoor play area? Right.

At EuroParcs Resort "Poort van Zeeland" you will not be bored for a single moment.

  • Laser tag gaming with friends
  • climbing, clambering and gliding to your heart's content
  • Enjoy the latest craze "glow in the dark mini golf"
  • Great food at the brasserie.

All this is possible in Adventuredome, no need to leave the resort.

Of course the professional animation team is also at your service. After all, the most important thing is that you have a nice holiday!

Nature, water sports, history - venture out!

  • Discover the nature island of Voorne-Putten on foot or biking
  • Discover "het Haringvliet", the most popular water sports area in the Netherlands.
  • Have fun in water play park Aquapark Splash
  • Visit the historic fortified towns Hellevoetsluis and Brielle
  • Enjoy the lovely beach of Hellevoetsluis
  • And the endless sandy beaches of Zeeland? These are also nearby!

Call or send an email to EuroParcs Resort "Poort van Zeeland". Or, feel free to come by for a visit.

View the video of EuroParcs Resort Poort van Zeeland!

Carefree recreation at EuroParcs Resort "Poort van Zeeland"

Camping near the beach and dunes? Endless playing, biking and hiking on the nature island of Voorne-Putten? Adventure in the family entertainment center Adventuredome? Come to Hellevoetsluis to celebrate your holiday at campsite "de Quack".

Stay over near the most beautiful dunes of Europe

EuroParcs Resort "Poort van Zeeland" is located on the beautiful nature island of Voorne-Putten, next to the dunes of Voorne. The dune area is renowned as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe.

Peace and tranquility characterize the area around the campsite.

  • Walk along with the guides of "Natuurmonumenten".
  • Explore the dunes, forests and reclaimed lands.
  • Hike deep into the dunes full of dune valleys, flowery dune grasslands, swamps and quiet dune lakes.
  • Walk around the enchanting lake "Quackjeswater".
  • Keep your eyes and ears open. Three quarters of all bird species that breed in the Netherlands can be found in the Voorne Dunes.

Endless cycling pleasure

Did you know that we are an "ANWB Gastvrij Plus" point on the "knooppuntenplanner" (Dutch route planner for cycling routes)? While planning your cycling route with the "ANWB knooppuntenplanner" you can easily add us to your route. Do not forget your "ANWB Fietspas" (cycling pass) because this allows you to benefit from nice discounts at various "ANWB Gastvrij Plus" points. This way you can get a 15% discount on lunch with your "ANWB Fietspas".

  • At Voorne-Putten you can cycle endlessly through forests, dunes and reclaimed lands.
  • There are numerous cycling routes and there is an extensive bicycle path network
  • You can rent bicycles, electric bicycles, non motorized karts and hand wagons on the campsite.
  • Technical difficulties with your bicycle? No worries. Campsite "de Quack" is an "ANWB Gastvrij Plus" assistance point. There is always an "ANWB bicycle repair box" available.

Building activities
Poort van Zeeland Resort is a new resort in development. This is why there will be building activities. We will do the best we can to limit the disturbamce for you as a guest as much as possible

If you have any questions concerning the extent of the activities, please contact us. We'll be happy to reply and update you on the current situation.


Concert at SEA 2019

Concert at Sea will take place on June 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2019, at Brouwersdam in Zeeland! Book a stay nearby at Resort Poort van Zeeland, and fully enjoy the festival!


EuroParcs Resort Poort van Zeeland offers various types of accommodations. The choice is large and there's a place for every group. Take a look and discover!


A visit to Adventuredome guarantees a lot of fun. Discover an extensive indoor and outdoor kidsplay with adventurous climbing structures, laser tag, glow-in-the-dark minigolf and even an escape room! Don't worry about mom and dad because they can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tasty lunch in the brasserie. The weather never plays spoilsport.

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