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Do you want to enjoy hiking through the dunes without too much effort? Get to know QuGo!

A convenient mode of transport that will take you to all the beautiful spots in the area. Hop on and ride down the cycling paths through the dunes to the sea, or ride over the huge Haringvlietsluizen. Get off, take that selfie, and enjoy the view. Hop back on and ride a bit further. As you already guessed: the Qugo-convenience is here to serve you.

This unique mode of transport is a Dutch invention and has a patented system for the operation. You can smoothly ride through curves by using your standing leg. In addition to a unique experience, it ensures a stable and reliable feeling while riding. The electric driving mechanism is silent while riding, so you can enjoy the sounds of nature around you. Due to its normal cycling speed, the QuGo is also a safe mode of transport. Take three-hour trips without using up any of your energy: How does that sound? Want to ride for a longer time?Charge the Qugo between rides with the quick charger and easily extend your Qugo-time. Plan your route, go for a QuGo -ride, enjoy the ride and the surroundings!



Now with introductory discount!

Day € 65.- (temporarily for 30 euro)
Half day € 40.- (temporarily for 20 euro)
Hour € 30.- (temporarily for 15 euro)


The Qugo is for rent during opening hours of the reception

Opening hours are daily from 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm

• The Qugo must always be returned before 5 pm and Sunday before 4 pm
• Driving license required (B or AM)
• Minimum age is 16 years
• We ask a deposit of € 150.- for the Qugo (incl. lock and charger) and
• We ask a deposit of € 5.- for the bike helmet
• Wearing a bike helmet is recommended
• The renter is fully responsible for damage in case of calamities with the rented Qugo, both damage to the Qugo as well as damage caused to or at third parties by the renter


Maximum speed: 16 km/hour
Action radius: 40 km
Charging time, full cycle: 2-3 hours
Maximum angle of inclination (climb): 10-12%
Power: 0.6 kW (nominal)
Battery capacity: 480 Wh
Weight: 34 kg
Max. allowed weight: 100 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh): 115 x 58 x 135
Total amount available Qugos: 4
Bike helmet size: adjustable from 54 to 58 cm