Forest park "Reestervallei" is situated in the most northern part of the province of Overijssel and is being coloured by the forest,  which is bordering the park. Besides,  at a distance of three kilometres the play- pond "The black Firtrees" with a beautiful sandy beach, sun-bathing areas and a children's play-ground is situated.

Because the play-pond is slowly going down, it's ideal for children . The holiday park, which derives its name from the ancient peet-river "De Reest",  is an ideal operating base for those who want to explore  the province of Drenthe in the north or the nature-reservate  the "Veluwe" in the south.





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At Resort Reestervallei no fireworks may be ignited on New Year's Eve. This is due to safety reasons. However, in the area fireworks can be heard. Fireworks can also be ignited on public roads. Please keep this in mind.

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With its green landscape in the shape of a cosy

The area of Resort Reestervallei offers the perfect setting for cycling trips! The resort is located right next to a bicycle route hub, and you'll be able to explore the area from here. More information is available at