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The reception is directly situated at the entrance of the park. Here you can ask all of your questions and book your reservations . At the reception tens of leaflets are available, which will inform you thoroughly about the facilities in and around the park.

Restaurant De Reest

At restaurant 'De Reest', you can not only enjoy a dinner but also a cup of coffee with some cake.

Animal pasture

Come hug our animals in the animal pasture! Our animals are used to being petted and hugged by children. As long as the children are calm and kind to the animals, they will not be skittish at all! They will happily approach you. Go ahead and scratch our goats behind their ears! They can't reach there themselves, so they will love it!

Miniature golf

Hit a ball together with your family at our challenging but cozy miniature golf course! Clubs and balls are available at the reception. Who will win the match?


Playing with other children on the playground of Resort Reestervallei is the best there is! Make new friends and enjoy an unforgettable holiday together!

Tennis court

During your holiday you can be nicely busy in a sportive manner while hitting a couple of balls on the tennis-court of the wood park "Reestervallei".


Throw out a fishing rod into the fishpond on the park. Rent a holiday home at the shore of this fishpond, as a result of which you'll be able to go fishing from the terrace of your holiday home.

Swimming pool

Resort Reestervallei has a small outdoor swimming pool , that provides cooling on on hot days. There is also a paddling pool for toddlers.