Fishing at Resort Veluwemeer is a true catch!

The Veluwemeer at Resort Veluwemeer is known for its ideal location for learning to surf and sail, but the lake at Resort Veluwemeer also offers excellent fishing opportunities. This is why Resort Veluwemeer hosts special fishing weekends this year. In the weekends of 9-11 March, 8-10 June, 7-9 September, 5-7 October and 26-28 October, fish lovers can enjoy to the fullest at Resort Veluwemeer. You can fish for perch, pike-perch and garfish.

You can bring your own boat to the marina of Resort Veluwemeer or to one of the holiday homes of the Pavilion Waterfront type. Your boat will be lifted in and out of the Veluwemeer with a boat ramp. You can rent a fishing boat at Resort Veluwemeer for two days for only €175.00. You only pay for petrol and a deposit. In addition, your soul is soothed at Resort Veluwemeer with a special arrangement for only €30.00 a day. This means that we welcome you on Friday at Resort Veluwemeer with coffee/tea and homemade pastries. Afterwards, you can enjoy a three-course dinner in the restaurant in the evenings. On Saturdays and Sundays you will receive fresh bread rolls on the boat, after which you can enjoy a three-course dinner at Resort Veluwemeer in the evening. We also organize live music in a cozy cafe on Saturday nights for groups of 30 people or more! Moreover, if you opt for our three day package, you will receive a €15.00 discount! This way, you don't have to empty your wallet at Resort Veluwemeer and you can fill up your fish bucket as well.

For more information, send an email to Resort Veluwemeer is situated at Randmeerweg 8, 8071 SH in Nunspeet.

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