Around park: 6km

Walibi Holland, this is #goingnuts! The fastest roller coasters in the Netherlands are in Flevoland near Biddinghuizen. Here you will find everything for a heart-stopping day out!

Our thrill rides give you the chance to find your limits. Terrifying heights, heavy drops and screeching corkscrews do not only literally turn your world upside down, but also bring you closer to yourself.

We constantly challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, because we believe that only real world experiences make you richer and make you change.

Compete with your fears, insecurities, expectations and habits. Whether you choose for Lost Gravity, Goliath, Out of Control or Halloween Fright Nights. Challenges change who you are. At all times. Triumph, ecstasy and relief are your reward, but more importantly; you always come out stronger.

Walibi. Dare to get real.