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From recreation- and water sports centre "De Biesbosch" you can make delightful boat-trips. You can do this with your own boat, or you can travel on the sightseeing boats of several shipping lines from, among other things, the city of Dordrecht or Drimmelen. For example from Dordrecht you can make several trips through the wonderful nature reserve "de Biesbosch" or along the impressive activity of the Rotterdam harbour complex.

Aad Lansbergen is one of the owners (at Resort Biesbosch) since the start and has twenty years experience in the fishing walleyes from a boat, we can say safely say that it is logical that this expert will share his experience with you. He is sure you'll be just as excited as he has been for years.

The boats are at the pier that is directly accessible from the Biesbosch Europarcs Resort. Activities "Walleye fishing under Moerdijk bridge ..." and "Sailing in The Biesbosch" are part of the new program of events at EuroParcs and contribute to a better experience of your holiday in the resort.

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