Also for companies!

For companies, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, Resort Veluwemeer offers various possibilities.

Imagine temporary living arrangements for your employees, to name one example. You won't want to make concessions when it comes to livability and safety, but instead ensure your employees and yourself a good night's rest in a comfortable environment to encourage better performance. At Europarcs, we understand. By combining quality with affordability, we provide the ideal solution for providing your employees with temporary accommodation.

Because corporate rental is different for everyone, we offer a tailor-made solution. On top of this, special fees apply to corporate rental. This means you will receive an offer made especially for you. To be able to make an offer, we will need the following information:
• for how many persons
• how many bedrooms/bathrooms
• for which period

All additional wishes can be discussed with Resort Veluwemeer. The conditions may vary per accommodation. You will be informed in detail on this matter.

You can contact us via telephone on 088 070 8090 (local fees apply) and use our options menu.

More possibilities

On top of temporary accommodation, Resort Veluwemeer offers other options for the corporate market. Among these are:
• business lunch
• business dinner
• reception
• team building with the water sports center and the sailing school

Do you have other wishes? We will be happy to work them out with you!

Request an offer!

Much is possible and we are happy to work things out with you! Because an offer for the corporate market should always be tailor-made, you can contact us below. We will discuss your wishes with you and provide you with an offer free of commitment.

Fill out the contact form or contact us via telephone on: 088 070 8090 (local fees apply).

Company Meal Deal!

Would you like to book a delicious meal for your employees or colleagues per day or for an entire work week? With Friends 'n Bites Veluwemeer, this is possible! No more handing out subsistence allowances to your employees and checking the costs, instead you can simply add this arrangement to your offer request. The arrangement includes a main dish and a desert, with the options varying between a great mashed potato stew, a satay and a delicious pasta. To be concluded with tasty ice cream, panna cotta, fresh fruit etc.

Per day: € 13.95

For 5 days: € 12.50
So: € 62.95 instead of € 69.95
You'll save € 7 per employee

for 7 days: € 11.50
So: € 80.50 instead of € 97.65
You'll save € 17.15 per employee

*exclusively for companies or the self-employed and excluding drinks