Eibertjes Market (summer market Nunspeet)

Eibertjes market is an annual fair in the middle of the summer. Usually the Friday after Ascension Day. There are many stalls with local products and traditional costume plays a big role. Other than the Eibertjes market. there are also four summer markets which are held on Tuesdays during the high season. Eibertje can be spotted there distributing sweets in her traditional costume, too!

Eibertjes Route

Eibertje is a historical figure in Nunspeet. She originally came from Vierhouten and walked to the market in Nunspeet to sell her eggs every single week. The path she walked is now called the Eibertjespad and is a beautiful bicycle route from Nunspeet to Vierhouten. This route can be cycled at junctions, and is also an ideal route to take if you want to enjoy the various catering establishments in Vierhouten.

Butcher JP Puur Vlees

For organic meat you simply have to go to JP Puur Vlees in Nunspeet. This butcher delivers the absolute best meat to us in the catering industry. In addition to caring for fantastic taste, this butcher has high regard for animal welfare and the quality of the meat. It is possible to buy meat in the butcher shop, but it is also possible to order this online.


Located on the route to Nunspeet is the Milkdrive. Open daily between 8 am and 10 pm except on Sundays. Here it is possible to tap your own fresh milk. In addition, the calves (if they are just born) can be admired outside. A wonderful place to take a break during a bike or hiking trip. Milkdrive Nunspeet, Vreeweg 120

Flour Mill De Duif

The Duif mill is the only mill in Nunspeet. The mill is maintained in working order by a foundation that organizes regular events. The mill has a shop where you can buy various regional products.

Weekly Market Nunspeet (Thursday)

Visit the lively weekly market of Nunspeet, every Thursday. The market is open from Thursday morning to Thursday in early afternoon.

Game Days Vierhouten

In October of each year, the Wild Days are held in Vierhouten. A weekend full of music, bock lager, and eating game. Several restaurants will showcase their specialties so you can enjoy all that the Veluwe has to offer!

Around the park

Discover the versatility of Nunspeet and the surroundings of the Veluwe lake. Be amazed by the fun outings and day trips away.