A forest full of stray monkeys, that's Apenheul. In this beautiful green park on the Veluwe more than half of the monkeys are just running loose among the visitors. So you can admire many of them from up close. With the convenient spotting hints along the way, you don't have to miss a single one.

Indoor Playground De Tol

This indoor playground is ideal for when the weather is poor. Children can climb and clamber all day long, and the elderly will enjoy themselves with the many books and magazines that are available. Located on a campsite in Nunspeet, this playground is open all year round, except during the holidays. Prices are € 6.50 per child. Parents and/or chaperones have free admission!

The Blotevoetenpad Nunspeet

In Kijktuinen Nunspeet, a 'barefoot path' (Blotevoetenpad) has been made where attention has been given not only to the feeling of different materials at the feet but also to playing. Playfully discover nature with flowers, plants, and a variety of other materials.


A day of Dolphinarium stands for fun, discovery and magic. We do our utmost to make your day as enjoyable as possible.

Historic Collection Corps Field Artillery

The Historic Collection Corps Field Artillery, also known as the Artillery Museum, gives a poignant image of the history of the Artillery Coat of Arms, especially that of the Corps Field Artillery (Korps Veldartillerie; KVA). The KVA has been appointed by Royal Decree to honor the remembrance of the foundation date of the Corps Artillerije (the oldest corps of the Royal Army, founded in 1677).

Bonestroo Ice Cream Farm

The Bonestroo ice cream farm is a well-known place in Nunspeet. In 2015, they transferred the ice cream production to restaurant 'de Boerenschuur' in Vierhouten. The dairy farm they have built is certainly worth a look. It is even possible to come observe the milking process between 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM! It is a nice way for the whole family to really get a look at a farm.


Julianatoren in Apeldoorn is the most fun children's amusement park in the Netherlands. The amusement park, with more than 60 crazy rides, spectacular shows and major events offers an unforgettable day out for families with children from 2 to about 10 years. And it is the place where you can met your favorite TV stars Jul & Julia.

Kok Experience Harderwijk

At Kok Experience Harderwijk, there is a lot to do for the whole family. For the children there is an indoor playground and it is even possible to have fun with laser gaming. There is also a cinema and a restaurant. The formula to have fun— even on a day of bad weather!

Het Loo Palace

In the heart of the Netherlands, on the outskirts of Apeldoorn, Het Loo Palace is located. Since 1984, this former Royal Palace has been opened to the public after a thorough restoration. The furnished rooms and halls show how the Oranjes lived and worked there for 300 years. The baroque gardens are symmetrically laid out in 17th century style, and are unique in the Netherlands. Over the course of 300 years, there were many different inhabitants, and the palace underwent many changes. It is very much worth your while to go see the palace through various tours. The gardens are a must-see!

Sand Sculpture Festival Garderen

The sand sculpture festival in Garderen is one big party every year. A nice attraction for both young and old. Sand sculptures are built in a specific theme each year. These sculptures may be admired from April to October. Children up to 5 years old free admission. Children from 6 to 12 years € 4.50. 13 years and up € 9.50.

Around the park

Discover the versatility of Nunspeet and the surroundings of the Veluwe lake. Be amazed by the fun outings and day trips away.