Once started from the idea to be able to skate on ice in nature every winter. Now we are the company with a winter and summer season at a park where people find it enjoyable to be in motion.

Game Days Vierhouten

In October of each year, the Wild Days are held in Vierhouten. A weekend full of music, bock lager, and eating game. Several restaurants will showcase their specialties so you can enjoy all that the Veluwe has to offer!

Winter Light Nunspeet

During the month of December, many different activities are organized in Nunspeet and its surroundings. For example, there is a Christmas market, as well as various youth activities in the center of Nunspeet.

Around the park

Discover the versatility of Nunspeet and the surroundings of the Veluwe lake. Be amazed by the fun outings and day trips away.