Around park: 27km

A forest full of stray monkeys, that's Apenheul. In this beautiful green park on the Veluwe more than half of the monkeys are just running loose among the visitors. So you can admire many of them from up close. With the convenient spotting hints along the way, you don't have to miss a single one.

Monkey spotting between the treetops

Of course there are monkeys that are not roaming freely, like the gorillas and the orangutans. You will learn everything about these animals during the special presentations from the caretakers. Don't miss the Monkey Tree Trail either. Here you walk between the treetops and you discover even more monkeys and other animals from the rain forest. Finished spotting monkeys? Have a blast as a monkey in the Monkey Imitation House or enjoy delicious organic fries overlooking the gorilla island.

More than just a nice day out

In Apenheul we think animals and nature are very important. That's why in the park you won't only learn more about the monkeys in Apenheul, but also about their counterparts in the wild. The Apenheul Natuurbehoudfonds (ANF) supports projects around the world to protect the apes and their habitat. Because many species of monkeys and nature reserves are unfortunately endangered. When you visit Apenheul, you support the ANF. A win-win situation!

squirrel monkey
ring tailed lemur
ring tailed lemur