Walibi Holland, this is #goingnuts! The fastest roller coasters in the Netherlands are in Flevoland near Biddinghuizen. Here you will find everything for a heart-stopping day out!

Our thrill rides give you the chance to find your limits. Terrifying heights, heavy drops and screeching corkscrews do not only literally turn your world upside down, but also bring you closer to yourself.

We constantly challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, because we believe that only real world experiences make you richer and make you change.

Compete with your fears, insecurities, expectations and habits. Whether you choose for Lost Gravity, Goliath, Out of Control or Halloween Fright Nights. Challenges change who you are. At all times. Triumph, ecstasy and relief are your reward, but more importantly; you always come out stronger.

Walibi. Dare to get real.

Around park: 2km

More Near the park


A forest full of stray monkeys, that's Apenheul. In this beautiful green park on the Veluwe more than half of the monkeys are just running loose among the visitors. So you can admire many of them from up close. With the convenient spotting hints along the way, you don't have to miss a single one.

Batavia Yard

The Batavia Yard is a shipyard with special ambitions: ships from the Golden Age, which have been important in our maritime history, are reconstructed here. This heritage was scrapped at the time because of the limited lifetime or it lies as ship wreck on the bottom of the sea.

Fashion Outlet Bataviastad

To go shopping for nice clothes with a discount, you absolutely must go to the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Many brands with plenty discounts. Ample parking and open every day. Other than the fashion outlet, the Batavia yard is also found there. If you are done shopping, then a visit to this shipyard with a real Dutch Golden Age ship is definitely worth it!

The Blotevoetenpad Nunspeet

In Kijktuinen Nunspeet, a 'barefoot path' (Blotevoetenpad) has been made where attention has been given not only to the feeling of different materials at the feet but also to playing. Playfully discover nature with flowers, plants, and a variety of other materials.
The Blotevoetenpad Nunspeet
The Blotevoetenpad Nunspeet


Elburg is on the list of 10 Dutch villages and small towns where you have must been to, and with a reason! Visit this cozy place and be surprised! On Tuesday morning there is a weekly market.

Escape Room Harderwijk

At Escape Room Harderwijk, you will have a choice between 2 different rooms. In each room, a total of 8 people can take part in the game. This is a must on bad weather days. Will you escape in 60 minutes?

Bicycle ferry 'Veluwerand'

The bicycle ferry 'Veluwerandveer', at a short distance from Europarcs Resort Veluwemeer, is an attraction for the recreational cyclist. This unique connection between the old and the new land makes it possible to enjoy the wooded area of the Veluwe and the beautiful polder landscape in one day.


Once started from the idea to be able to skate on ice in nature every winter. Now we are the company with a winter and summer season at a park where people find it enjoyable to be in motion.


For the nearest city to go shopping in, you have to go to Harderwijk. In the summer, the entire square is filled with lovely terraces which are cosy and excellent. In the winter, there is a skating rink where you will absolutely receive a healthy dose of the holiday spirit. In addition to shops, Harderwijk has plenty more to offer, such as a waterfront boulevard.


Just like Elburg, Kampen is an old market town from the Hanseatic League with a beautiful history. The town is excellent to see and walk through. There are many restaurants and shops. A visit to the harbor is certainly a must.

Kok Experience Harderwijk

At Kok Experience Harderwijk, there is a lot to do for the whole family. For the children there is an indoor playground and it is even possible to have fun with laser gaming. There is also a cinema and a restaurant. The formula to have fun— even on a day of bad weather!

Park & Ride Utrecht

A day in Utrecht without any hassle? A smart way to visit Utrecht is with Park & Ride! Park cheaply on the outskirts of the city and continue your journey with public transportation!


Utrecht is centrally located within an hour's drive. With its beautiful city center and its beautiful cathedral, this city is more than just shopping heaven. Easy to reach from Nunspeet by train. You may also travel there by car, but you will have to keep the parking costs in mind.

Day Spa Veluwse Bron

It is a little farther from our resort, but the Veluwse Bron offers a spa experience that should not be missed. Equally nice for a day of relaxation. Here they also have several swimwear days.

Day Spa Zwaluwhoeve

The day spa Zwaluwhoeve is located at a 20 minute drive away. Perfect for a day of relaxation in their many swimming pools and/or saunas. They also have several swimwear days.

The city of Zwolle

The city of Zwolle is a versatile , sociable city with a various stores-offer(ing). Here you'll find the most well-known shops, which you'll (also) encounter everywhere else in the Netherlands , but you'll also find a large number of exclusive other kinds of shops , as well as little boutiques.
The city of Zwolle
The city of Zwolle