That special joyful evening is almost here again, and at Resort Zuiderzee we will make it a special joyful weekend! The weekend of November 16 - 18 will be entirely dedicated to Saint Nicholas!

It's all there: from Saint Nicholas Pajama Cinema to Gingerbread Cookie Brunch and Saint Nicholas Bingo Show! Highlight of the evening of course will be the Good Saint, Amerigo and his Peters visiting!

Will you be there? You are welcome, be it for a day or all weekend!

Beau and Bloem would love for you to be there!

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· November 16
- 4.00 pm - 10.00 pm Swimming with Saint Nicholas music
- 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm Pajama Cinema

· November 17
- 10.30 am - 12 noon Crafting and putting out little shoes
- 1.30 pm Start Saint Nicholas Party
- 2.00 pm Bart Juwet children's Show
- 3.15 pm Arrival Saint Nicholas
- 4.30 pm Collecting little shoe with present
- 5.00 pm Meet And Greet Saint Nicholas
- 5.30 pm Gingerbread Cookie buffet (surcharge)
- 8.00 pm Live music at cafe Bolle Johan

· November 18
- 10.30 am Scavenger Hunt for the golden chocolate letter
- 11.30 am Playing with the black Peters in the indoor playground
- 11.30 am Gingerbread Cookie Brunch (surcharge)
- 1.30 pm The big Saint Nicholas children's bingo show (surcharge)
- 4.00 pm End of program

The Saint Nicholas coloring pictures

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EuroParcs Saint Nicholas coloring pictures

The big Saint Nicholas party

On Saturday 17 November

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