Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!
Celebrate spring at EuroParcs!

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Home at the Veluwe
Want to rent a home at the Veluwe for your next holiday? Resort Veluwemeer offers a wide range of holiday homes for you to rent. Our resort at Lake Veluwe features several types of accommodations. For instance, we offer bungalows, chalets for the entire family as well as other great holiday homes. In short: we've got a home to match anyone's situation. Would you prefer not to have to lug the tent or caravan around? Our park is the ideal solution for you. Will you come spend a vacation in a home at the Veluwe?

The benefits of having your own home at the Veluwe
Having your own home at the Veluwe during a vacation is ideal for settling in with your family. After you've had a nice day, it will feel like arriving home despite the relaxation of being away for a while. Renting a home at the Veluwe offers many advantages on top of the stunning location. For instance, you'll always have the children close to home and you won't hear them complain about boredom. They'll be able to occupy themselves with all kinds of outdoor activities during which they'll meet plenty of other children to spend their hours with. We've got various teams at our holiday park at Lake Veluwe who organize a great program for all age categories every day. This means there's always something fun to do for every child!

Rent a home at the Veluwe at Resort Veluwemeer now
The EuroParcs resort at the Veluwe is especially ideal for families and couples who enjoy space and nature. It's located next to the Veluwe and you'll arrive at its beautiful fields with trees and unspoiled nature by means of a short bicycle ride. If you love fresh air and sporty days, this is the perfect location for you. After a long hike or bicycle trip you'll get to return to your own home at the Veluwe and take a nice, hot shower. You'll settle in on the couch with a hot cup of tea and enjoy a movie! Would you like to go out and about? That's an option too. This resort is close to Nunspeet, a village counting no less than 19,000 inhabitants! Nice pubs, bars and plenty of good atmosphere. In short: EuroParcs offers a dream vacation for everyone. Book your home at the Veluwe at EuroParcs Veluwemeer via the search and book function. Questions? Please feel free to call or contact us in case you have any questions about renting a home.