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Vacation park in the Veluwe

You can fully relax in the EuroParcs vacation park in the Veluwe. The open fields, beautiful forests, wild nature, but also the nearby villages for fun. At this vacation park in the Veluwe, you can get away from it all to spend quality time with your family and recharge yourself. This environment is beautiful in every season, thanks to nature. Where the fields are perfect for picnics in summer, you are surrounded by the most beautiful colours or orange and red of all the leaves and trees in autumn. Resort Veluwemeer is the ultimate vacation park for all ages!

Sports trip in our vacation park in the Veluwe
At our vacation park in the Veluwe, there is plenty to do for adults and children. At EuroParcs we understand all to well that vacations are different for everyone, and that is why we offer many different resorts and trips! For one person, vacation is reading a book and lounging near the pool while you keep turning around to get a nice tan. For the other, vacation is pulling sports clothes out of the closet to go hiking or mountain biking. The Veluwe is ideal for if you want to put on your walking shoes and, for example, go out with your dog. At the vacation park in the Veluwe you can easily and quickly walk into the adjacent forest, so that even your dog can get some fresh air! Do you prefer cycling or mountain biking? No problem! At EuroParcs you can get a cycling map, so that you can bike for kilometers in the beautiful green of the nature in the Veluwe.

<h2>Adventures at our vacation park in the Veluwe</h2>
Fortunately, the Veluwe doesn't only have nature and silence. There are many fun facilities in the area that make a stay at the vacation park in the Veluwe even more appealing. In fact, the Veluwe ideally suited to offer something appealing for every family member. The fresh and healthy outside air for the kids to play in, whether it is summer or not. Additionally, there is plenty to see and do for the adults. Are your children done with playing soccer or outdoor games? Then they can enjoy themselves in our Fun Club. Arts and crafts, theater, playing games, there is plenty to do!

Become one with Lake Veluwe
Not only the Veluwe itself is beautiful and relaxing, but you can also behold Lake Veluwe. This beautiful lake is, for example, perfect for a father and son fishing trip. Prefer a calm boat trip? That is also offered by the vacation park in the Veluwe! You can easily book your stay at EuroParcs through the search and book function on the website. Would you like to know more about the possibilities or facilities of the park? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to help you find your dream vacation!